Rabu, 29 Juni 2011


My Haul

last night i went to mall for dinner with my friends,
the restaurant was full and we must waiting for a while before we got the table, so we went to make up store until we got the table

lately i really like to buy some cosmetics, actually i didn't know why i buy that thing, i can't make up indeed.. haha...

My Haul

*Etude petite darling nail #Citrus soda
*Etude Juicy Pop Tube #3
*Skinfood Nail Vita #BR 610 Rich Mocha
*Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek #Pomegranate

i try the Skinfood Nail Vita,
look pale in my hand

maybe i must try the other one next time..

I will review the other thing next time.. ^^

6 komentar:

  1. hehehe.. the brightes one in the series..
    the other look pale for me.. ^^

    BTw, beli caring Colournya dmn ya?? :D

  2. thx for Following girlie~~~great haul~~~i luv skin food too~~~


  3. You're welcome...
    i luv u're blog.. ^^

  4. nice haul sisss~~~ hhehhee
    pengenn kutek baruuuu >.<

  5. hahhaa..di etude lg ada promo cash back 100% sis.. boleh diliat" tuh.. ^^