Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

D.G.S.Beauty's Giveaway

D.G.S.Beauty's Giveaway 100 Followers

I love when some other blogger 

share their stuff in giveaway

i really don't expected that i will get it,

but i just want to share to the other people

 about this Giveaway  

In June 11 2011 She get 100 follower 
But now when i post this blog she already has 300+Follower.
how fast, isn't it?
Check this giveaway Here

Will be ends on June 30,2011

4 komentar:

  1. so sweet of you :-)

  2. good luck sayang~~~ :D
    iah aku sih cocok sih pake masker ini~~
    aku tiap hari pasti pake masker, kadang skip 1 hari gitu, n masker2 emang tricky sih nyari yg cocoknya ^^

  3. good luck yaa
    thank u udh komen di blog aku ;)
    follow back!

  4. @nana. thanks ^^

    @Cominica-ai.thank u ^^.. kalo maskeran tiap hr ga kering ya?

    @nisa. sama" sis.. thx for follow back.. :)