Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

# Day 02

DAY 02 ~ The Next Challenge is

 My favourite Movies in the World  

♥ Breakfast at Tiffany's ♥
☺ the best movie i ever seen.

♥ Harry Potter 1-7 ♥
like this cause the Book

♥ Sleepless in Seattle ♥
The best Romantic movie that i ever seen
crazy-little-thing-called-love-a-k-a-first-love-thai-movie-full-movie-at-noelsterz.jpg (404×580)
♥ Crazy Little thing Called Love (Thai Movie) ♥
everybody like this movie, yeah EVERYBODY!! XDD  

How About You?? Please, Leave Coment ♥♥♥

2 komentar:

  1. Hi..:)
    thanks udah mninggalkan jejak d blog ku..:)
    wow...tantangan bloging 30 hari seruuuu ya..haha
    gud luck y..sukses2..^^

    film no.1 tampak seruuu..
    en yes, waiting for harry potter 7 part.2!

  2. hii.. tq 4 comment sis.^^
    sama-sama sis..
    iya seru sis, buat motivasi ngeblog nih..

    breakfast at tiffany's film wajib ditonton sis.
    aq aja susah bgt nyari dvdnya...