Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

~ Trip to Genting ~

hii everyone ~~i went to Genting a few time ago

 this was my first trip to Malaysia, i went there with my friends

arrived at First World Hotel

 this is our room in the hotel, the room have a lot of free space so we have space for repacked our luggage..

the Bathroom is so clean and so wide 
they have a bathtub and shower too

after repacked our bag, we went to Chin Swee Caves Temple
the hotel provide some bus to bring us to this temple and it's free.. haha~~

Buddha Statue as a background
*when take this pic we must stop for a while cos there is a bus behind us and all of us was shock .. hhahah~~

the fog behind us.. 
i think Genting was hot like Jkt but i'm wrong there was so chill..

 at the night we went to the mall in the hotel.
and of course went to the casino but i didn't play at all.. haha~~

 in the morning we had a breakfast in the hotel's restaurant 
Toast & Egg Omelet  + Hot Chocolate 

only the women had a breakfast, the men was still sleeping i think.. haha~~

After breakfast we went to KL for the next trip...
C u in the next post.. 

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